Designer Handbag Discount Secrets

Is a designer handbag discount merely urban legend? Designer bags such as Coach, Louis Vuitton and Fendi are amongst the most desirable accessories known to women! The best qualities that one can buy and designs that are fashionable, yet classic, to be held on to for a lifetime.

Here’s the bad news (but please don’t shoot the messenger!) – It is rare to get designer handbags at a discounted price. Put yourself in the shoes of the designer and tell me if you would want your brand to be cheapened by selling it at discount. It gives the impression that the product is in low demand and the price had to be dropped to sell.

The truth is – these bags are in high demand without needing a clearance sale! You might want to disagree – in fact, you saw a Louis Vuitton going for half the price at an online auction just the other week! Sorry, but that discounted bag was highly likely a counterfeit or real but a part of an unfortunate scam.

So one more point to get across is that authentic designer handbags are 99% of the time only sold through the designer’s website or boutiques, which are often specified on their website. Always check the distribution channels of individual designers to guarantee you are getting an authentic and not a fake.

So is there any good news to come out of this? Are their ways to get a designer handbag discount without the risk of purchasing a replica? There might just be some hope to hold on to. Some websites are offering a legitimate service of renting authentic designer handbags. I personally find this a wonderful alternative to those who simply can’t wait to save up for the latest Balenciaga tote or Coach handbag. For an example of the price you can expect to pay for a month’s rental – Coach can cost around $40 whereas a Balenciaga might be around $300 – bargain!

There are other options too. There are premium consignment sites where previously purchased designer handbags (sometimes never used or in top condition) are bought and sold through their website. Each handbag undergoes thorough checks to ensure it isn’t a counterfeit with serial numbers and holograms being the first things looked at. Then it is restored to look brand new. In order to be accepted and sold, the bag must be submitted with at least two original documents to clarify that is authentic. This may include the original packaging or a manufacturer registration card amongst others.

Finally, there are invitation only sites where designer handbags are sold at a discounted price – sales only last around 36 hours though on any given designer so you would have to act quickly to get your desired bag.

As you can see, there are a few ways to get a discounted designer handbag without being at risk of picking up a counterfeit. Always make checks on the websites you are buying from to make sure they are legitimate and read the small print!

3 Shoe Designers to Be On the Lookout for This Summer!

Summertime is upon us and it is sweltering outside! The bad thing about summer is the extreme heat, but the good thing is summer shoes! I LOVE summer sandals, platforms, and wedges. They look good with jeans, skirts, or dresses. And can add life to any basic outfit. Here are three sumer designers to be on the lookout for!

The first designer I’ll name is one of my all time favorites, Tory Burch. Her flats have got to be the most comfortable (and versatile) shoes I have EVER put on my feet. Her sandals are no different. She even has a line of jelly sandals (yes, I know to an adult this sounds like something you would have wanted in the third grade, but let me assure you that she has put a super modern, grown-up spin on them!) The jelly sandals and flats are PERFECT for summer dresses and shorts. They come in basic colors and some really fun, bright, summer colors. Personally I love the pink ones. Throw them on with a floral dress and you are ready to go. And they are ridiculously comfortable as well. What more can a girl ask for? While they are originally a little pricey, I got mine half off at Sak’s, so keep an eye out for deals!

This is going to sound crazy, but next up is Kristin Cavallari (yes, that girl from Laguna Beach on MTV). She is not a bonafide designer, but has designed a beautiful wedge for summer 2011. If you don’t believe me, click here to check out her design I was cynical too, at first, but they are beautiful shoes, perfect for pairing with a sundress or shorts and a blouse. Another perk is that 100% of the proceeds go to the OneKid, OneWorld foundation, which helps children in war-stricken, impoverished countries.

The last designer I’ll mention is Balenciaga. One of my all time favorites as well! Although the summer line has gotten a lot of flack for being a little too “hard.” I really like the uniqueness of it. They are summer sandals, with a rough edge. Black leather and silver studs. These may be more suitable for the rocker chicks. Although I like to pair rough with girlie, so try pairing the biker looking, leather sandals with a floral sundress for a modern, funky look.

Latest Gorgeous Coach Sneakers

I used to like the colorful and marvelous sneakers from Louis Vuitton and even consider them art of living. And then one day I suddenly found that Coach also offers us a complete range of sneakers, gorgeous sneakers. For instance, this fall winter fashion season it mainly focuses on three patterns of sneakers. They are the New Barrett Sneaker, the OP Art Kathleen Runner and the Zorra Ocelot Sneaker. Here I will introduce them one by one.

Firstly, as to the Barrett Sneakers, I have to say that it is its shiny color combination and the abstract golden pattern that attract me very much. Beside this kind of shoe is available in three colors, black multi/gold, black/white/black trim and khaki/chestnut. Although only priced at $88.00, its signature jacquard fabric with leather trim and cotton twill lining is stylish and comfortable for sunny day wearing. Secondly, the OP Art Kathleen Runner made from Coach OP Art print fabric, suede trim and brushed nylex lining is priced at $108.00. Being relatively pricy, the runner is much more comfortable to wear than the above sneaker. The third style is the Zorra Ocelot Sneaker, which is in a more elegant shape. The shoe features signature jacquard fabric with ocelot hair-calf trim, cotton twill lining and rubber sole. There are occasions one has to wear the high-heel pumps to appear formal, but more times we are concerned about our own comfortably wearing. You need such a pair of sneakers.