Designer Handbags – Must Haves to Keep You Fashionable

As the most popular luxury goods, designer handbags have made thousands of fashion lovers crazy, especially the young ladies who make every effort to make themselves more fashionable and sophisticated.

Together with designer handbags, fashion shoes, sunglasses, watches and luxury accessories also enjoy the popularity. Why designer bags are so dazzling? Would you like to spend a huge amount of dollars to purchase one of them? Have you ever been fascinated in one of the popular brands?

The answer is absolutely yes. A designer handbag is very versatile and is a symbol of your taste and personality. With it, you will fell proud and confident, and think you are better than the others around you, then you will have the passion to do things better. Furthermore, If you have the ability to choose the right style from thousands of designer bags in the market to fit your needs and occasions, you will be quite of the ordinary people and enjoy the great feeling they couldn’t imagine

With a Miu Miu bag on your shoulder, you could walk proudly in the street and people will eye you with admiration. Actually, there are too many brands like Louis Vuittion, Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Fendi, Versace, Kooba and so on, how could you find the right style for you? My suggestion is to consider quality over quantity and keep in mind that a high quality designer bag will go with you for years as a faithful friend, and enhance your personality and your style

As mentioned above, choosing the right designer handbags is something of art, which reflects your sense of style, taste, and even more, it’s signal of your level of sophistication. Some girls choose a Fendi bag, others prefer Prada handbags. Pretty girls will always have different designer handbags to fit their needs for different occasions. They believe high quality designer handbags are good investments

If you are going to purchase one designer handbag, I also recommend you to explore the online designer bag stores to find the high quality bags with the lowest price in the market. You can choose the retail store offline, but it’s also a good choice to buy from online websites. With credit card, you can easily complete your order and finish the checkout procedure. Usually the shipping is very fast, because most of them use express delivery methods for international delivery, in most cases, you can get and enjoy your fashion bags within 10 days. Why not treat yourself a new designer handbag and make yourself stay in style. Just remember that fashion is something that everyone could enjoy.

Manolo Blahnik & His Shoes – Who is He?

Have you heard of Manolo Blahnik? For those of you that don’t know his is one of the best known and well loved high fashion shoe designers. Because of his unique style, his shoes have become extremely popular among women from all walks of life.

Manolo Blahnik believes that every one of his styles must have his unique stamp to them, so of the thousands of shoes that come out under his name, he adds his own personal touch. His shoes have become known for their unique, personal style since they were first launched on the market.

He is solely responsible for every one of his unique designs. He works alone with absolutely no help from an apprentice or an assistant. He sketches out every model then he fabricates his own prototype, using wooden lasts and sculpted heels on which the shoe is formed. Then he supervises all of the production, and even does the sketching for his advertising campaigns.

The Manolo Blahnik Story

Manolo Blahnik was born on the Canary Islands in 1942 and was brought up on a banana plantation. He happened to be home school because there were no nearby neighbors or towns, although the family traveled to Paris and Madrid several times a year, and at that time his parents would buy clothes from Cristobal Balenciaga, and the special tailor his father used. But there were times when the family could not get to the city, and at such times his mother would improvise. She even asked a local cobbler to teach her how to make espadrilles using ribbons and laces. He would sit a watch with fascination as she would make them. He also loved to peruse the fashion magazines she would receive, which always came a month late.

His parents wanted him to become a diplomat and enrolled him in University in Geneva and at first he began his Law studies with enthusiasm, but after a couple of months he decided to change and took subjects in literature and architecture. In 1965 he left for Paris and decided to study art. He held several part time jobs in order to make ends meet. After graduating he went to New York. At first he didn’t have much luck. His friend Paloma Picasso sent him to see Diana Vreeland of Vogue, and she thought his drawings were amusing, but suggested he pursue his career creating shoes.

Soon Manolo Blahniks shoes were sought after by celebrities like Marisa Berenson, and Charlotte Rampling. Even Lauren Bacall started looking for his unique designs. As his shoes became more and more popular he started teaming with a shoe manufacturer in London that was known for its ability to make shoes well. Today Blahniks style is known as avant guard, and yet solidly stylish so that the styles will be wearable for a long time.

Early in his career he took the time to really master the art of shoe making. He found the best factories to work with and learned how to create and carve his own designs. He began to work with designers who focused on the younger generation, like Calvin Klein, and this helped him give his designs that modern edge, yet keep their classic elegance.

Today he still focuses on designing every shoe he puts out on the market. He sketches the shoe with the use of a Japanese brush pen and then carves the prototype out of beech wood. He says that what makes his designs truly unique is that he really understands the shoe process, and has been making shoes for more than 20 years, so he has honed his craft and with reason is called one of the best.

Cinderella Syndrome – Shoe Fanaticism Today

In the 21st Century fandom exists in all shapes and sizes. There are groups devoted to everything, from Ford Mondeos to Poodles to music released only on unplayable formats. Indeed, the fandom of shoes is nothing new. Admissions of Shoeaholism have become as everyday as Carrie Bradshaw’s indecisiveness but in recent months a number of news stories have brought to my attention the notion that there may well be many specific different types of Shoeaholic.

The first type of shoeaholic to acknowledge is the classic ‘hoarder’. I would suppose that ‘hoarders’ make up the majority of shoeaholics and beside owning hundreds of shoes, they are also known to have an extensive, dare I say, encyclopedic amount of knowledge when it comes to footwear. They are also known to have a physical bodily reaction when certain names are mentioned. For example, mutter Louboutin or Balenciaga in the presence of a ‘hoarder’ and they are likely to slump to the floor only to be revived by a splash of cold water to the ankles.

The second type of Shoeaholic could well be regarded as the next step up from the typical ‘hoarder’. Whereas a ‘hoarder’ may work in the fashion sector, own and collect many shoes – they probably act like you or me. However, the so-called ‘shoe extremist’ will take the right to wear a specific type of shoe to court if they need to. In Essex this month, a woman (owner of 200 shoes) who was injured after slipping over at an airport decided to sue for damages because she could not wear her heels after the fall. She won.

The final type came to light via a slightly different news story, and this group seem a little more illusive than the others. The ‘Celebri-feet-fan’, instead of directly following the styles and changes as dictated by the fashion industry, will follow the shoe choices of someone in the public eye…and not necessarily someone famous for their style sense. The most recent celebrity supposedly at the heart of starting a shoe following is none other than Sarah Palin. The Mail reports that her red Naughty Monkey heels have been flying off she