Latest Gorgeous Coach Sneakers

I used to like the colorful and marvelous sneakers from Louis Vuitton and even consider them art of living. And then one day I suddenly found that Coach also offers us a complete range of sneakers, gorgeous sneakers. For instance, this fall winter fashion season it mainly focuses on three patterns of sneakers. They are the New Barrett Sneaker, the OP Art Kathleen Runner and the Zorra Ocelot Sneaker. Here I will introduce them one by one.

Firstly, as to the Barrett Sneakers, I have to say that it is its shiny color combination and the abstract golden pattern that attract me very much. Beside this kind of shoe is available in three colors, black multi/gold, black/white/black trim and khaki/chestnut. Although only priced at $88.00, its signature jacquard fabric with leather trim and cotton twill lining is stylish and comfortable for sunny day wearing. Secondly, the OP Art Kathleen Runner made from Coach OP Art print fabric, suede trim and brushed nylex lining is priced at $108.00. Being relatively pricy, the runner is much more comfortable to wear than the above sneaker. The third style is the Zorra Ocelot Sneaker, which is in a more elegant shape. The shoe features signature jacquard fabric with ocelot hair-calf trim, cotton twill lining and rubber sole. There are occasions one has to wear the high-heel pumps to appear formal, but more times we are concerned about our own comfortably wearing. You need such a pair of sneakers.