Save Money Buying Designer Inspired Handbags

When my niece gave my sister-in-law her Christmas wish list my sister-in-law said she held her breath. My niece is at that age where she wants shoes and handbags and clothes. She doesn’t have much idea of the cost of things, or if she does, she doesn’t care. I do know all about buying clothing, handbags and shoes. My sister-in-law asked for my help. She says I know where to go to get fabulous trendy celebrity inspired handbags and fashions for a fraction of the cost of the originals.

At least my niece isn’t stuck on designer names when it comes to handbags. She says things like “Mom, I want an orange hobo” or “I’d like a black satchel.” She doesn’t insist on Prada or Coach or L.A.M.B. because she knows my brother and sister-in-law would never spend that much money on a handbag for her.

I’ was able to help my sister-in-law find some great online sources for celebrity and designer inspired handbags. She’d never heard of designer inspired handbags before. What designer inspired means is that manufacturers take the best design element from the designer bag and re-work it into another bag. Talk about affordable designer handbags! It’s wonderful to see a true designer handbag for less than $200. One of my favorite affordable and trendy handbag styles is from Melie Bianco. Melie Bianco handbags have been featured in magazines such as Life & Style, Self and People Magazine.

It seems that Melie Bianco became popular when one of the bags was carried on the MTV reality show Laguna Beach and they’ve really caught on. Since then they’ve become a hit with celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Kelly Osborne.

Melie Bianco’s mission is to supply chic affordable handbags. They do this by using the highest quality faux leathers, quality lining materials and hardware. They offer a wide range of styles for every woman, and girl, of every age. Melie Bianco’s designs come in almost every imaginable handbag style, clutches and satchels, hobos, and shoulder bags. Nylon, canvas and buttery faux woven leather, patent leather are also available. Handbags are also available in croc and python as well as animal prints such as giraffe and zebra.

Another great feature of some of the online sources is that they let you search handbags by style or fabric, size, price, color and by celebrity sighting.

Along with Melie Bianco there are many other great designers such as Nicole Lee, Ed Hardy, Besso, Christine Price, Chinese Laundry and Roxbury. Bags such as the Nicole Lee Multi Colored Croc Tote and the Jessica Simpson Glazed Delia Shopper are made with quality synthetic leather which means these handbags are extremely affordable for everyone.

Ultimately my sister-in-law decided on a Primo Limited Medium Loft Tote for my niece. This is a designer inspired handbag which resembles a classic Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. The cost is only $50.00. She thought the price was so reasonable she bought one for herself too!