Why You Should Buy Balenciaga Handbags

Never feel bad about buying authentic designer handbags. The idea of so many people saying that those knock-offs are better, is ridiculous.

Many women know that Balenciaga bags are one of the most beautiful and expensive designers brands around. But they also know that with the high price tag comes high quality. Find out why.

Have you heard of Balenciaga? You know, one of the top designers of handbags? Ever consider owning one? If so, you already know that these bags are not cheap.

You are about to read why you should consider buying this designer bag, why the quality is worth it and some of the styles available.

Why Handbag Lovers Choose Balenciaga Bags

Next to shoes, handbags are one of the most popular fashion accessory. And with the exception of Coach, Balenciaga was a top choice in designer handbags most women chose. Why do women choose this particular designer? Because it is like owning a Bentley, in the world of handbags.

The Unique Aspect Of The Balenciaga Styles

So, what style of handbag should you choose? Well, if you can’t decide, no need to worry. This top designer has a multitude of beautiful styles readily available. You will find a key factor to the Balenciaga style is that it their look remained virtually the same.

But if you are an avid handbag collector, you will notice the tiny changes in their bags. Another unique aspect of these bags is the quality. Balenciaga bags are made with the finest leather and top quality construction.

Do You Know Your Style?

Lets say you have extra money burning in your pockets and you are more than ready to buy your Balenciaga designer bag. What style would you buy? Well, remember that this designer makes tons of styles to fit virtually every look.

Here’s a tip… go Lariat. This style is considered one of their more classic bags. It is constructed from the softest leather. It is very elegant and gorgeous to the eye. Don’t worry about space, you have an abundance of space with this bag.

Did You Consider This Style?

Now that you are feeling a little more comfortable about the Balenciaga brand, you should know that amongst their other handbag styles they have another popular one which is the clutch.

To carry a clutch doesn’t mean you will have to carry something small. This designer makes a larger envelope clutch to fit your carrying needs. They are usually brighter in color and boast bold silver or gold hardware. If you decide to buy one of these clutches, you will instantly show your elegance.
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Balenciaga Women’s Boots & Shoes – What Is It Women Love About Balenciaga Shoes?

Some people just don’t realize the importance of shoes and in this case Balenciaga women’s shoes (especially guys!). Women on the other hand know how important shoes are for their style. A woman’s shoes state who she is and what her style is like. They give her, her individuality! Her shoes express her style and her personality, and every woman wants to create an entrance, and a unique impression, when they walk into a room, and you just can’t do that when you walk into a room with just any old shoes.

A Woman’s Love of Shoes!

That’s why women love Balenciaga shoes! These come in many different styles, and the colors are outstanding. Balenciaga women’s shoes are SPECIAL and made for that right moment, and that special occasion, even if it’s just going to work! After all something has got to make you feel SPECIAL and Balenciaga shoes do that for you.

Balenciaga heels come in beautiful, classic styles and colors. They give you a touch of modern, and trendy, yet are great classic shoes. There really is no certain ONE style for Balenciaga women’s shoes, and that’s great, because there are so many styles and colors, and that means you can find that perfect pair, for that perfect occasion.

When you need that unique shoe style, something a little risqué and just a tad exciting, then you need to really look at the Balenciaga line.

Who is Balenciaga?

Balenciaga is one of the top fashion design houses of the day. This designing firm was founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, who began acquiring fame as a designer around 1914. Today the Balenciaga line mainly focuses on accessories, but is one of the most renowned fashion houses in the world. Is it any wonder that with so much experience, they wouldn’t have some of the most gorgeous styles in women’s footwear?

Who Wears Balenciaga?

Balenciaga is a symbol of elegance, style and wealth and many of today’s celebrities continue to use Balenciaga. Celebrities like Keri Russell, and Katherine Heigl, love these classic yet fashionable shoe styles.

Balenciaga footwear whether boots, pumps, or flats are designed to be stylishly unique and extremely comfortable. This may be why Balenciaga shoes tend to be so popular among women of all walks of life.

Trends for 2008

The Balenciaga shoe collection this year as in previous years comes in stylish, bright colors, unique shapes, making your whole outfit come together perfectly. So whether you are looking for a fun style or a traditional work style you are sure to find it in the Balenciaga shoe collection, this year.
The Balenciaga collection is made with only the best materials and the most exclusive designs. They are made to be comfortable, durable, and GORGEOUS. If you want to spice up your wardrobe, and pull your fashion sense together, then you need to see the Ballenciaga collection. There are many different styles which will make you oooh and ahhh, and dream about your next fashion statement!

Another Great Export From Spain – The Balenciaga Handbag

Cristobal, a man native to Spain, founded his first haute couture house in San Sebastian. It wasn’t very long before the people there began to become interested in his work. After realizing that people loved what he offered, he opened a second store in Madrid, Spain, then his third in Barcelona. In 1937, Cristobal moved himself to Paris, France where he soon became the embodiment of Parisian fashion. Christened “Couturier of Couturiers”, he is still creating fashion after fashion in shoes, clothes, and clothing accessories all over the world. More than ever Cristobal is creating apparel wonders with his Balenciaga Handbags.

The Pink Twiggy

This handbag is shopped directly from Italy, and is fashioned from the finest leather. Its top zipper opens a large center compartment with a fabric interior made of his signature metal plate. This bag also features a detachable shoulder strap, cosmetics cars, and a dust cover. This purse currently sells for over $300.

The Metallic Fuchsia

This handbag is one of the new, super stylish bags of the year. It is fashion from the finest leather available on the market and features two separate handles. It also has a large zippered compartment, but in addition to that, it also has an outside zippered pocket, and an interior pocket that is lined. This bag is selling for a little under $1,500.

Le Dix Motorcycle

This handbag serves two purposes. Like the others, it is made from the finest distressed leather, but this one features 2 6″ handles and a 30″ strap for all your carrying needs. Also, like the others, it has a large center compartment, one outside compartment, and an interior compartment that is fully lined. This one also comes with a cell phone compartment so that you aren’t fumbling for your phone when it rings. This handbag retails for over $1,000.

Emerald Green

This handbag comes equipped with a double 18″ leather handle. It has a center compartment, exterior zipper pocket, interior lined pouch, one interior zipper pocket, and other compartments for your accessories. This handbag goes for over $1,550.

Office White

This handbag is brand new this year. This Balenciaga handbag is to die for, and is sending the popular fashionestas scrambling for their own. Like other Balenciaga handbags, it is made from distressed leather, and features a double handle, center zipper compartment, a zipper pouch on the outside, and a fully lined zipper pouch on the inside. This handbag is available at prices over $1,200.

The Tote Brown

This Balenciaga handbag is made from pure leather and is one of the few handbags that have a top zipper closure. This handbag also offers a zipper pull that locks, a lining made of canvas, a serial number, zipper compartment inside, a dust cover, and a compact mirror. This handbag sells for close to $500.