Cinderella Syndrome – Shoe Fanaticism Today

In the 21st Century fandom exists in all shapes and sizes. There are groups devoted to everything, from Ford Mondeos to Poodles to music released only on unplayable formats. Indeed, the fandom of shoes is nothing new. Admissions of Shoeaholism have become as everyday as Carrie Bradshaw’s indecisiveness but in recent months a number of news stories have brought to my attention the notion that there may well be many specific different types of Shoeaholic.

The first type of shoeaholic to acknowledge is the classic ‘hoarder’. I would suppose that ‘hoarders’ make up the majority of shoeaholics and beside owning hundreds of shoes, they are also known to have an extensive, dare I say, encyclopedic amount of knowledge when it comes to footwear. They are also known to have a physical bodily reaction when certain names are mentioned. For example, mutter Louboutin or Balenciaga in the presence of a ‘hoarder’ and they are likely to slump to the floor only to be revived by a splash of cold water to the ankles.

The second type of Shoeaholic could well be regarded as the next step up from the typical ‘hoarder’. Whereas a ‘hoarder’ may work in the fashion sector, own and collect many shoes – they probably act like you or me. However, the so-called ‘shoe extremist’ will take the right to wear a specific type of shoe to court if they need to. In Essex this month, a woman (owner of 200 shoes) who was injured after slipping over at an airport decided to sue for damages because she could not wear her heels after the fall. She won.

The final type came to light via a slightly different news story, and this group seem a little more illusive than the others. The ‘Celebri-feet-fan’, instead of directly following the styles and changes as dictated by the fashion industry, will follow the shoe choices of someone in the public eye…and not necessarily someone famous for their style sense. The most recent celebrity supposedly at the heart of starting a shoe following is none other than Sarah Palin. The Mail reports that her red Naughty Monkey heels have been flying off she

Guide to Autumn & Winter 2010 Shoe Trends

Check out our guide to this autumn/winter’s footwear trends!

Last week we highlighted some of the key trends that we expect to see on dedicated fashionistas this autumn. This week we thought we’d cover the kind of footwear you may be considering as an ‘on trend’ addition to your autumn/winter wardrobe.

Buckles and laces

Look out for both lace up boots and buckled footwear this autumn/winter. Buckles and laces add interest to boots and shoes and both are going to be a popular look this year. When it comes to buckles it seems that the motto next season is ‘the more the better’. The only down side, as with lace up boots, is that buckles can make removing your footwear quite a lengthy process!

Furry boots

In the colder months there is nothing quite so comforting as (faux) fur, so you’ll be pleased to know that you can wear furry boots with pride throughout the colder months! Designers such as Chanel, Vanessa Bruno, Dolce and Gabbana and Lanvin have all embraced fur this year. Chanel even have even produced furry handbags to match their furry boot designs!

Thigh-high boots

If you took the plunge last year and bought yourself a pair of daring over-the-knee boots then we are glad to report that these bold items will still be en vogue this autumn/winter. Get yours out of the wardrobe and dust them off for another season.

Colour combinations

During the cloudier months brighten up your feet with colourful shoes! We have seen lots of bright coloured footwear throughout the spring and summer and this trend is set to continue with colours combined for added interest. For a good example of how to wear it check out what Balenciaga has on offer.

Flats and low heels

Phew, a break for our tired feet! While high heels are extremely flattering they can also be hard work. Give your feet a rest this autumn/winter with flats and low heels. Whether you choose Doc Marten style boots, brogues or ballerina shoes there are plenty of on trend options for those who wish to put comfort first.

3 Shoe Designers to Be On the Lookout for This Summer!

Summertime is upon us and it is sweltering outside! The bad thing about summer is the extreme heat, but the good thing is summer shoes! I LOVE summer sandals, platforms, and wedges. They look good with jeans, skirts, or dresses. And can add life to any basic outfit. Here are three sumer designers to be on the lookout for!

The first designer I’ll name is one of my all time favorites, Tory Burch. Her flats have got to be the most comfortable (and versatile) shoes I have EVER put on my feet. Her sandals are no different. She even has a line of jelly sandals (yes, I know to an adult this sounds like something you would have wanted in the third grade, but let me assure you that she has put a super modern, grown-up spin on them!) The jelly sandals and flats are PERFECT for summer dresses and shorts. They come in basic colors and some really fun, bright, summer colors. Personally I love the pink ones. Throw them on with a floral dress and you are ready to go. And they are ridiculously comfortable as well. What more can a girl ask for? While they are originally a little pricey, I got mine half off at Sak’s, so keep an eye out for deals!

This is going to sound crazy, but next up is Kristin Cavallari (yes, that girl from Laguna Beach on MTV). She is not a bonafide designer, but has designed a beautiful wedge for summer 2011. If you don’t believe me, click here to check out her design I was cynical too, at first, but they are beautiful shoes, perfect for pairing with a sundress or shorts and a blouse. Another perk is that 100% of the proceeds go to the OneKid, OneWorld foundation, which helps children in war-stricken, impoverished countries.

The last designer I’ll mention is Balenciaga. One of my all time favorites as well! Although the summer line has gotten a lot of flack for being a little too “hard.” I really like the uniqueness of it. They are summer sandals, with a rough edge. Black leather and silver studs. These may be more suitable for the rocker chicks. Although I like to pair rough with girlie, so try pairing the biker looking, leather sandals with a floral sundress for a modern, funky look.